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Since 1993, ODI has been generating about a dozen new products each year for our OEM customers. ODI is a turnkey Design, Development and Manufacturing company located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. We take concepts and develop them into finished products, usually in 6 months or less. Our solutions focus on getting product to market and shortening your path to revenue.

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ODI works with partners all around the world to bring progressive products and ideas to life. Over our 20 years of doing business in the Silicon Valley, ODI has developed direct relationships with most chip manufacturers in the US and off -shore. This allows us to extend world class design, engineering and costing for your next big thing..
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Product Identity

We do ID.

We know that ID isn’t the final step in the process, but the beginning. It’s just as important that we think about how the product will be manufactured So production is as easy as possible, reproducible, and consistent.

We place careful consideration on how a product will be used; making it easy and as pleasurable as possible for the end user.

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ODI has been building partnerships with great brands and people for over 20 years. The manufacturing business is all about delivering on our commitments - on time and on budget. We're proud to serve our amazing customers in the critical space of design, engineering and logistics.

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